Piano Bar

Tuesday August 1st  : Mark Herrera (6:30-9:30)

Wednesday August 2nd : Sean Bellaviti (6:30-9:30)

Thursday August 3rd: John Roby (7:00-10:00)

Friday August 4th: Dave Matheson(7:00-10:00)

Saturday August 5th : Sean Bellaviti (6:00-9:00) and Mark Herrera (9:00-12:00)


Tuesday August 8th: Sean Bellaviti(6:30-9:30)

Wednesday August 9th : Thompson Egbo-Egbo(6:30-9:30)

Thursday August 10th: John Roby (7:00-10:00)

Friday August 11th : Dave Matheson (7:00-10:00)

Saturday August 12th :Sean Bellaviti(6:00-9:00) and Mark Herrera(9:00-12:00)


Tuesday August 15th: Mark Herrera (6:30-9:30)

Wednesday August 16th : Sean Bellaviti(6:30-9:30)

Thursday August 17th: John Roby (7:00-10:00)

Friday August 18th: Dave Matheson (7:00-10:00)

Saturday August 19th: Thompson Egbo-Egbo(6:00-9:00) and Sean Bellaviti(9:00-12:00)


Tuesday August 22nd: Thompson Egbo-Egbo (6:30-9:30)

Wednesday August 23rd : Sean Bellaviti(6:30-9:30)

Thursday August 24th: John Roby (7:00-10:00)

Friday August 25h: Dave Matheson  (7:00-10:00)

Saturday 26th: Sean Bellaviti(6:00-9:00) and Thompson Egbo-Egbo (9:00-12:00)


Tuesday August 29th: Thompson Egbo-Egbo(6:30-9:30)

Wednesday August 30th :Sean Bellaviti(6:30-9:30)

Thursday August 31st: John Roby (7:00-10:00)